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AC Transit Blues

So I’m headed to Treasure Island to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I decide to take the AC Transit bus to the San Francisco bus terminal. After walking 10 minutes splashing in the rain I settle in to wait for the bus. I see the bus and get excited about taking my first trip San Francisco on AC, but to my disappointment and disbelief, the driver doesn’t even get into the lane closet to the curb. My arms begin to wail my body begins to jump, I’m frantic. It was in vain. The driver turns looks me in the face and continues to put pressure on the pedal. Jesus Cristo! I’m pissed. There is nothing but warehouses for blocks around and the solitude and disappointment in my chest is only being watered down by the rain soaking into my jeans. Wet socks and pants have 30 minutes to marinate until the next unsympathetic driver comes and demands 420 not bud but dollars. Write $4.20 I could have taken the bart.


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